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Year-round adventure in the Seychelles

WINTER or summer, sunshine or rain, the Seychelles is warm all year round. It’s the perfect holiday spot no matter when travellers want to visit.

Due to its tropical climate, there are two main seasons. The wet season, from November to April, and is characterised by warmer temperatures of 26C to 32C, higher humidity, and occasional intense rainstorms. The dry season from May to October sees cooler temperatures of 24C to 30C and has lower humidity and less rainfall. The shoulder seasons occur around April to May and in November. There are fewer crowds, cost saving, availability of activities, and the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes as the weather transitions.

According to Tourism Seychelles, for those wanting to visit during the wet season, rainy days are not a hindrance but rather an opportunity to explore the Seychelles in a different light. Activities that families can enjoy together on a rainy day include:

Cullinary experiences: A family group in search of a unique dining experience find that rainy days provide a good opportunity to enjoy a cooking class together. One option on Mahé, includes a full-day Creole cooking class. Families learn how to make dishes such as grilled fish, coconut curry, and Seychellois-style papaya chutney Families will also enjoy a visit to Maria’s Rock Café in Baie Lazare, Mahé, where they will have the chance to cook their own food at their table.

Rainforests and waterfalls: Families that take an interest in nature will appreciate taking some time to explore one of the Seychelles’ tropical rain forests and waterfalls, which offer a unique and serene experience. Some easier trails that families with children can enjoy include the Anse Major Trail on Mahé, which offers coastal views and ends at a beach. The two-kilometre trail takes about 40 minutes. On La Digue Island, the 1,3km, 40-minute Nid d’Aigle Trail starts from BelleVue Restaurant and goes to the highest point on the island. The Vallée De Mai, Praslin Trails on Praslin offer three routes between one and two kilometres in length and one to two hours in duration. While hiking through this Unesco Heritage Site, visitors will have the opportunity to experience one of the beautiful waterfalls.

Seychelles is all about the great outdoors, and some times are better than others for maximum enjoyment of favourite outdoor pursuits.

Snorkelling and diving: thisactivity is best enjoyed during the dry season when the sea is calmer and water visibility is better.

Wildlife and bird watching: the dry season in the Seychelles coincides with the nesting season for various bird species, making it the ideal time for bird watching. Sightings of giant tortoises are also more prevalent during this time. The shoulder seasons provide an ideal balance of climate and create an optimal environment for observing the Seychelles’ diverse fauna and flora.

THE SEYCHELLES is a string of pearls in the Indian Ocean. A legendary beauty of 115 islands scattered 4-10degrees South of the equator like pearls in the warm Indian Ocean

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( information for this article provided by Seychelles Tourism / Travel News 16 Feb 2024 )

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