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Bali Holidays

Bali boasts lush jungles, golden coastlines and vibrant culture. No matter what type of holiday you're looking for, whether it's an outback yoga retreat, sports adventure, cultural getaway or any other kind of holiday, Bali is a magical getaway with much to offer. Bali's beaches are world-famous - beautiful Sanur on the east coast is protected by a coral reef and offers water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, parasailing and snorkelling. Bali's most famous beach, Kuta, is home to numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. If you're looking for a more gradual pace, Seminyak, where beaches overlook lush rice fields. Ubud, in the interior of Bali, is home to temples and shrines, bustling handicraft markets, open-air restaurants and verdant rice fields nestled into steep hills.


The rainy season (November to April) can be hot (average 31 degrees most of the time), but rainy and overcast.  December and January are the wettest months. The hottest months in Bali are April and October when daytime temperatures can soar to 32°C. Humidity can reach 75% in coastal areas. The island has 12 hours of ample sunshine, during which time the average daytime temperature ranges from 27 to 32°C. The peak season to visit Bali is around July-August. 

With its exquisite beaches, rich culture, fabulous cuisine and incredible attractions, Bali is a dream holiday destination.

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