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Your Adventure and my Adventure is probably not the same ......

So let's face it - what I think is an adventure might be completely different to what your idea of an adventure is.... but as dear Sherlock would say - "it's elementary ". The google dictionary describes the word "adventure" as an unusual and exciting or daring experience . So the basic ingredients would be - Unusual , Exciting or Daring. Again Unusual to you may be usual to me , my Exciting may not even interest you, and walking in the bush may be daring to me, but to you , it is a daily occurrence. So to say "lets go on an adventure holiday" is an exciting statement a client can make to any good Travel Consultant. The adventure for the travel consultant starts with a statement like that ! When I hear the word Adventure, I think ..... Nature, Outdoors, Taking the road less travelled, Unusual or Unique Places , Venturing outside my comfort zone, Experiencing something or a culture that I do not experience every day, maybe even travelling to a place where I can be a volunteer and make a difference in a community in need, taking a walking or cycling holiday or a cooking tour The options are endless, and all rudiment to what your definition is of Adventure.

Here are some of my hand-picked "adventure" trips for 2018. Enjoy escaping with me for a moment...

How about camping in an unfenced camp site bordering the Masai Mara National Reserve, well known as one of East Africa's best national reserves, where wildlife is abundant ? And if you can , experience one of greatest natural spectacles in the world - the annual migration , most popular from July-October . Camp on the banks of Africa's largest lake - Lake Victoria . Visit the Serengeti - which means "endless plains "in Masai , and climb up the steep Ngorogora Craters' edge, with 600m high walls and 20kms wide, and camp for night. While the views are spectacular, the craters floor is home to nearly every species of African animal and offers a chance to view an incredible concentration of East African animals. This trip also takes us to Africa's highest mountain - magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro and after all that , what better way than, to end off this African Adventure, on the Spice Island of Zanzibar ?!


Icebergs on black beaches

With a Geologist , a qualified Drone Pilot, keen amateur photographers, Vikings and Game of Thrones fans in my family, taking a trip to Iceland would be a "no-brainer". This trip starts in Reykjavik, with an introduction to Icelandic Geology and off to the UNESCO, world heritage site, Thingvellir National Park - where Vikings roamed and Game of Thrones episodes were filmed. Explore the natural hot springs at Geysir

(which is no longer active I believe) and Strokkur - which still spouts every 5 - 15 minutes much to a visitors' delight. As one first approaches the Gullfoss, “the golden falls“, the edge is obscured from view, appearing as if the river simply vanishes into the earth. Once darkness falls, hope to see the bright "dancing lights" - Northern Lights. Experience Glaciers, Icebergs, Seals, Black sandy beaches , and hopefully even see a Puffin or two.


A mix of culture - South East Asia, Chinese and French influence, is what Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam brings to the table. The chaotic Old Quarter, the tree-lined avenues and beautiful lakes of Hanoi, starts this adventure off with a cultural experience like none other ! Halong Bay, the "crown jewel" of Vietnam's scenic offering - a World Heritage site of towering limestone islands topped by rain forests, is explored on a traditional wooden junk boat and even enjoy a cooking lesson on-board. Visit floating villages and Cyclo Rides ( traditional Rickshaw ) through the streets of Hanoi, is also on the cards. The local Reunification Rail Trip from Hanoi to Hue, for the non-fussy , no-nonsense traveller is an option on this trip, but there is an option to fly to Hue if you prefer. Visit Imperial Palaces, Spectacular beaches and cobble stoned town of a bygone era. Enjoy a hands-on day , tending fields and gardens, in the traditional countryside village of Tra Que and finish off with cooking lunch. Cruise the Mekong Delta, the heart of Vietnam's abundant harvests of tropical fruits, flowers and rice and see how the locals live and trade on the water. Have lunch in a traditional wooden home. End your adventure in the thriving metropolis of Saigon - once the "pearl of the orient"


Google "Casablanca "and almost immediately the movie of the same name comes up - thoughts of Romance, Exotic , Culture, Humphrey Bogard and Ingrid Bergman comes to mind when I think of Casablanca, and this largest city in Morocco, absolutely does not disappoint. The walled, narrow , maze-like streets of the Medina's found in almost all towns in Morocco , opens up into bustling Souks

(markets ) a major feature all over Morocco. Camel trek from Ouarzazate (pronounced war-zazat) - Hollywood of North Africa - many a blockbuster movies have been filmed here including one of my favourites Game of Thrones, Gladiator, The Mummy and even James Bond The Living Daylights. But first you need to cross the famous Atlas Mountains extending over 2500kms across NorthWestern Africa. Journey into the Sahara, with Palm Trees, Rose Fields and magnificent gorges. Travel in the month of May and you can catch the famous Festival of Roses. Camel trek to oldest and largest medieval city in the world - Fes. The Medina in Fes is known to have over 9400 alleys often ending in dead-ends. Have the pleasure of visiting the fascinating UNESCO listed Roman ruins of Volubilis, which date back to AD40. Visit Chellah, a necropolis and complex of ancient, medieval ruins, the Royal Palace and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, in the Capital City of Rabat before the trip ends in Casablanca again.

........or what about spotting the elusive Bengal tiger in one of India's national parks, or visit the archaeological treasures from Machu Picchu , or visit Bhutan the most peaceful country among South Asian countries - the options are endless. What is your Dream Adventure ?

If you want to know more about these or any other travel adventure, please get in touch with XL The Travel Professionals Windhoek , Namibia. They can be reached on +264 61 253528 or email quotes@xltravelpro.com or visit them at 15 Feld Street, Windhoek. Visit their website www.xltravelproholiday.com

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