There's more to a holiday in Greece, than just sun, sand, sea & ferries

What do you "see" when you think of a holiday in Greece ? Whitewashed Walls, Blue Ocean, Cobblestone pathways, Beaches, Tavernas in the Plaka....well that's all true. There is, though, more to see than this, it is after all , home to the world's Greatest Civilizations. A country with such rich history and World Heritage listed Sites, is inspiring and of interest to any traveller seeking to be inspired. If there is one Monument that conjures up all sorts of inspirational thoughts, it is the Acropolis, located high on a hill, in the Greek capital, Athens. This ancient citadel, dating back to 5th Century BC, is the representation of everything that Greece gave to the world - Philosophy , Democracy , Architecture and sporting events that still take place today - The Olympics !

Acropolis Athens


Imagine walking in the steps of Ancient Greek History, the "Sacred Way" to the Temple of Apollo dating from the 4th century and being entertained by a local specialist, with stories starring Zeus, Apollo, Oedipus and Athina, oracles and athletes. No visit to Greece, is complete, without visiting Delphi - which was regarded in it's day ,

as the "centre of the world ". Located between two great rocks on the slopes of Mount Parnassuss, approximately 180kms North-West of Athens, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth, Delphi is undeniably inspiring and impressive, now also a World Heritage site.

Battle of Thermopylae

Ancient famous Battles also on the menu - remember the famous movie "300" - battle of the outnumbered brave Spartan Warriors against invading Persia - Battle of Thermopylae.

And what about being mesmerized by the oldest known man-made structure on earth. Meteora, Orthodox monasteries, built on sandstone rocks above the town of Kalambaka, another Unesco listed site. Just think of the logistics surrounding the building of these. The hermit monks that first settled Meteora couldn't walk up stairs or over bridges to access the monasteries. They had to reach their secluded and safe retreat by scaling the walls with ropes and ladders reaching as high as 500 meters. Mind-Blowing to say the least !

Meteora Monastries

What about visiting one of the most photographed churches in the world - Panagia Paraportiani on the island of Mykonos. But wait, this is not just one church - actually five churches either built on top of each other or next to each other, built over time between the 14th and 17th century. As a keen amateur photographer, this would most certainly be a highlight of my trip.