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If you need to " skimp " on Travel Insurance maybe you should consider staying at home ?!

When I hear , leave the travel insurance please, I don't need it - my " Travel Super Power " kick's into action. NO ! - you cannot do that. Let's take a moment and think about this.

What if you slip and break something ? (very easy to do if you are anything like me, walking around looking at the sights instead of watching where I'm going ) - what if you pick-up some stomach virus while you travel ? (easily happens when trying out the local street cuisine in a strange country) What if you get heat stroke because you did not expect the European Summer to be anything like ours ? (Europe and Asia can get very very hot and humid during their peak summer months) These are all every day things that can happen to any one of us when we travel- I don't even want to get into the more serious medical situations such as a car accident (we are all "Ubering and Taxiing" all over the place whilst on holiday). To be fair no-one wants to think about these things when booking a holiday - but it is something that we all need to include when we travel, without hesitation.

It is irresponsible as your Super Woman Travel Agent to not ensure that you have it and, pardon for being blunt- it is irresponsible of you to ignore our advice. Humour me a little and read on please - let's look at the cost vs the risk involved. Decent medical care all over the world, is expensive. Even here at home it is expensive. The cost for a routine GP visit in London may cost between £150 - 200** ( +-N$3900) Now think about what the cost for a real medical emergency could end up amounting to - Not having sufficient medical cover whilst travelling, could mean potential enormous financial losses. Most Embassies insist on proof of Travel Insurance before they approve your visa to travel to their country - why do you think that is ? Don't let your great memories of a fantastic holiday, end up as a nightmare just because your wanted to " save " on the cost of your travel booking. Most of us travel overseas apprx. 8 - 10 days at a time. Taking the average of the Comprehensive Cover (the one with the highest cover) you are paying apprx. N$50* per person per day for N$50 million * medical cover. This is a no-brainer - really !

Did you know ? Medical Aid is not a Travel Insurance. There is a difference. Medical Aid is meant to cover you here at home. Travel Insurance is exactly what it says it is - an Insurance meant for when you travel. Now I know that most medical aids cover us ( mine does ) when we travel, but I urge you to read the conditions of your medical aid overseas cover and make 100% that you know what you are getting. I know my medical aid covers me whilst away , but still choose to buy additional Travel Insurance every single time I or my consultants travel. Chat to your medical aid representative and get all the info you need. As for free Credit Card Insurance - are free things really free ? make sure what benefits are included in your free cover, who is covered and how the claims work. Read the conditions and don't just assume that you are covered for whatever happens. Speak to your personal banker and please get all the info to make an informed, responsible decision about travel insurance. Did you know that some embassies don't accept credit card travel insurance citing travellers not sufficiently covered ? When in doubt, rather be sure and buy the additional Travel Insurance. It's as simple as drinking less Starbucks coffee whilst overseas, and you can afford your Travel Insurance. The cost of Medical Care is just one of those things that we " love to hate ". The same with Travel Insurance - please don't leave home without it and as an added bonus, your Travel Insurance does not only cover Medical, but other important things that we also don't want to think about when travelling. ( Travel Delays, Baggage, Legal assistance , Terrorism and much more )

We want to be sure that you are covered when embarking on your next travel adventure. We are happy to assist with your Travel Insurance needs

We are NAMFISA accredited. Call us at Tel +264 61 253528 , e-mail adminwdh@xltravelpro.com or come visit us 15 Feld street Windhoek Namibia Safe Travels until next time !

** https://www.privatehealth.co.uk/conditions-and-treatments/consultation-with-a-gp/costs/

* https://www.hollardti.com/

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