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How about that Guided Holiday

Guided Holidays, Escorted Tours, Organized Tours – whatever you wish to call it …there is no doubt, that an organized tour certainly has a place in any avid traveller’s diary. Traditional Guided Holidays, in the form of organized bus tours, has evolved over the years. No longer, a bus filled with weird or strange people, following a Tour Guide, trapesing across the countryside, running from one important sight to the next. Guided holidays have evolved, into touring experiences with like-minded people, with the intention to discover and the confidence to explore!

Here are my Top Reasons for taking that Guided Holiday

Time waits for no one ...

Considering that most people don’t have the luxury of taking long extended holidays, booking a pre-booked guided holiday, saves you time. Not having to master the local transport system, is a huge advantage in saving time. Getting hopelessly lost in a beautiful city is all part of the travel experience – right!? – well, not if you only have a few days in that city. Imagine missing that all-important “must-see” just because of bad planning. This is exactly where those pre-booked guided holidays are the perfect choice for those who wish to explore as much as they can, in a short amount of time or with the least amount of hassle.

Deciding on how to get there, how to get around, where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and who to talk to for help, is time-consuming. In today’s busy lifestyle, even with all the apps available, who has time to plan the entire trip before-hand? Leaving the planning to Aunty Alice might just get you visiting all the chocolate shops in Belgium, but missing out on the other important stuff. Booking a guided holiday is a perfect choice, taking the hassle of all that planning out of the equation, with the comfort of knowing that you are in good hands.

Experts - local is always better...

Having expert local guides is another perfect reason why you should be opting for an escorted tour. These guides are normally born and raised in the area. They know the best spots, they know the history, they know the culture and they know where to get that perfect Gelato in Capri. Imagine visiting a historical area and not able to get to know the history – or standing in front of a painting and not getting the inside info of the artist or the work in front of you. The bonus is the “skip the line” entrances – believe me – visiting Europe in the peak season, without help, is not for the faint-hearted. Lost in translation ...

Think of the country that you would be visiting. Many countries are just not meant to be visited independently. Language barriers could be a huge “downer” for your trip, and some countries don’t even have English signage.

Location ...Location...Location...

Accommodation is usually a huge advantage when booking a guided holiday. Most tour companies have “cherry-picked” the accommodation on their tours. Depending on the style of the escorted tour, you could be staying in a Castle in Scotland or a room in a Pub in Ireland. Local, Authentic stays or Top-notch modern hotels - so many styles to choose from. Finding the same standards and location, at the same value that these tours offer, on your own, will be almost impossible.

Strangers become your friends.

And then, the people that you meet on these tours, usually become friends for life. These trips usually end up being some of the greatest travel stories you’ll ever tell.

Important Tips to think about when looking for that perfect Guided Holiday. Be very clear about what your interests are – what is a must and what is a maybe. What sort of experiences are you looking for – is it a cultural experience, or stay with a local type of vibe, is it a photographic trip or active adventure style tour. Remember to think about the age group – some tours are specifically for certain age groups. Talk about the inclusions and exclusions – lookout for the differences such as see the Eiffel Tower or visit the Eiffel Tower. Are you looking for a small group? And don’t try to do too much - avoid those 15 cities in 15 days type of tours if you can.

Choosing the right Tour Company is all-important, and this is where your trusted Travel Advisor, will find the best match for you. http://bit.ly/2Om7wGh

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